Earth Rising Game

Game Development Diary – Update 9

Hello everyone! This week we added another 10 new boards that perform various functions, bringing us to 25 different electronic components that will be used to assemble the CubeSat. In addition to the visual effect of the rocket taking off and landing, we added an in-game effect when the rocket is destroyed due to a […]

Game Development Diary – Update 8

Hello everyone! This week we have added 5 new tiles that perform various functions and thus further expanded the possibilities of how to assemble the CubeSat. In order to get as realistic visualization as possible, we added a visual effect to the rocket when it takes off and lands. In the coming week, we will […]

Game Development Diary – Update 7

Hello everyone! In this week, we made 5 new tiles, each of which has its own specification according to which it performs a certain function. We improved the appearance of the strip along which the cubesat will go to the rocket and improved the function itself. Fixed the appearance of the 3D printer and the […]

Game Development Diary – Update 6

Hello everyone! This week we worked on stacking the elements inside the CubeSat frame and checking that all solders are soldered inside the board. We enlarged the 3D printer so that there is no collision between the objects that are created and the static object 3D printer. We also fixed part of the appearance of […]

Game Development Diary – Update 5

Hello everyone! This week we made several more models that will be used only for table decoration. We also made decorative models for the outside of the room, such as a hangar, a satellite dish and an electric fence. We have programmatically upgraded the code for stacking and welding the tiles, as well as just […]

Game Development Diary – Update 4

Hello everyone! This week we made several models, but we were more in the “vacation launch”, so we made the model to be able to complete the CubeSat and together with that we also made the rocket together with the structure that holds the rocket before take off. From the cube sat model, we made […]

Game Development Diary – Update 3

Hello everyone! This week we were also diligent and we made a 3D printer with the function of opening the door in which we can now print the objects that are needed to assemble the CubeSat. A solar panel was also made, which serves as the outer part of the cube clock through which it […]

Game Development Diary – Update 2

Hello everyone! We made the implementation of a tablet with a 3D printer and the mechanics of soldering solder with a soldering iron. The solder itself will be red and when the player applies the soldering iron to the solder, the solder will slowly turn green and then the player will know that he has […]

Game Development Diary – Update 1

Hello everyone! In the following and here on the portal, we will inform you about the news and development of the Earth Rising video game. We started with the construction of the level room where the CubeSat will be built. The artist modeled the main elements of the room as well as additional elements so […]