Earth Rising Game

Hello everyone!
In the following and here on the portal, we will inform you about the news and development of the Earth Rising video game.
We started with the construction of the level room where the CubeSat will be built. The artist modeled the main elements of the room as well as additional elements so that the room would not look empty. Lights have also been added to the room, which have an even illumination where we can see everything as in a real room, which adds an additional experience in virtual reality. At the moment, nothing interesting can be seen through the window except the sky, which is beautifully illuminated with an imitation of the Sun. As well as one small detail, we also added a sci-fi fire extinguisher that has no purpose in the game itself, but is there for the ambiance of the room.
As for the programming part of the game, we are working on the 3D printer function. We connect a tablet on which we will choose what we want to print and have the printer print it inside the game. This is the most difficult task for us at the moment and we will probably work on it next week as well.
In addition, we have created the functionality of placing the board in preparation for soldering.

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