Earth Rising Game

Hello everyone!
We made the implementation of a tablet with a 3D printer and the mechanics of soldering solder with a soldering iron. The solder itself will be red and when the player applies the soldering iron to the solder, the solder will slowly turn green and then the player will know that he has soldered the chip on the board.
The tablet that will be used to print the elements for the CubeSat is programmed and works, as we make models for printing we will immediately prepare and test each one by software.
In total, we made 30 out of 250 models.
In the level itself, we added higher resolution textures for the whole level, added light inside the room to have a better experience in virtual reality. An imitation of the sun was also added so that the light enters through the window.
The collision on the stairs and the table was also repaired because the last one was not well calibrated.
Also, regarding VR, we fixed the position of the hands and the height of the players, because the last version was not in accordance with the environment.

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